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Fostering Strong Parental Relationships

As a father, there is no greater joy than spending quality time with your child. That's where the activity-based fathering program comes in, offering a series of eight sessions designed to provide both dad and child with engaging, fun experiences while also fostering important discussions on relevant topics. Throughout the course of the program, fathers and their kids have the chance to bond over games, sports, and other enjoyable activities, all while delving into crucial themes such as child development, communication, and mental health. Furthermore, the program offers five additional individual workshops for dads, each focusing on a different aspect of parenting. With topics like "Why We Stressing" and "Just for New Dads," these sessions bring fathers together and provide them with valuable resources to ensure their child's growth and success. So whether you are a seasoned dad looking to strengthen your bond with your child or a new parent looking for guidance, the activity-based fathering program has something to offer every father.

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