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Recognizing Individuality

GiRLiFE is a fantastic curriculum that aims to teach young girls how to identify their own extraordinary abilities and talents by recognizing their individuality. With 17 incredible workshops available, delivered either as individual sessions or as part of a group program, GiRLiFE offers a range of activities that are designed to be both thought-provoking and engaging. Through open dialogue and various fun projects, such as healthy nutrition activities and crafts, girls will learn to embrace their own unique qualities while also appreciating their connection with each other. The GiRLiFE workshops aim to help girls develop the confidence they need to believe in themselves and understand the strength they possess through their own influence. This confidence will enable them to experience more joy, peace, and happiness in their lives and their relationships. GiRLiFE is a remarkable program that will undoubtedly create a future generation of self-assured and inspirational women.

The 17 workshop topics include: Gratitude, Meditation, Self-Love and Self Confidence, Creative Goal Setting, Happiness is a Choice I Make, Intuition and Finding Your Voice, Rock Your Kindness

The Leader in Me, I Can Heal Myself, I am Responsible for the World I See, My Mind and Body are Connected, My Words Create My World, Becoming My Own BFF, Discovering My Own Unique Superpowers, The Art of Giving, My Diversity Shines, Rising into Resilience

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