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Growth Mindset

It's never too early to start empowering the next generation, and that's what this co-ed group is all about. Equipping kids and young adults with the necessary tools and skills to build their confidence, set measurable goals, manage their emotions and attitude, and develop positive study habits, this program is all about empowering ourselves and others to make positive choices. Throughout the program, we'll be focusing on a range of topics, including building self-esteem, growth mindset, recognizing role models, identifying dreams, writing SMART goals, expressing emotions, anger management, and using self-control. We'll also be touching on important themes such as sportsmanship, healthy relationships, team-building, tolerance, and kindness. The aim of this program is to provide a positive and informative platform that will help participants develop executive functioning skills, learn coping strategies, and resist peer pressure, all while having fun and building a stronger sense of community. Join us and invest in a brighter future for our youth!

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